Who Are We?

who are we?

Our Story

It was the year 2001, three brothers shared a dream, a dream that has evolved into a vision that is today shaping up the natural stones and marble industry in India. As the tastes and aspirations of the new age India evolved, there was a phenomenal rise in the demand for exquisite marble and other natural stones. It was this need that paved the way for Stonex India, and in its pursuit of excellence Stonex created a legacy synonymous with grandeur, finesse and quality in the sector of natural stones. Today, with an array of over 300 natural stones responsibly sourced from Italy, Spain, Greece, Brazil & Turkey, we at Stonex go the extra mile to exceed all customer expectations. Another key distinction that sets us ahead of the curve is our unwavering focus on service and customer satisfaction. With intricate and extensive processes that enhance and aid a customer’s journey from need assessment to regular follow ups and maintenance, we have cemented our legacy as one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

With every passing year, we add fresh new feathers to our proverbial cap. Take the year 2017 for example, we launched our advanced manufacturing plant at Kishangarh which comprises of state-of-the-art technologies giving us a distinct edge in quality and production capacity. Besides this, we also sparked one of the biggest revolutions in the marble industry by becoming the first marble brand in the world to put a True Price Tag on all our stones, ushering in order and transparency in a highly disorganized market. We at Stonex India, have just begun on our journey to the top and have accomplished much in an incredibly short span of time. However, we believe we still have miles to go and many more milestones to create.

Our Philosophy

The logo brings together our two core values in the form of two congruent dots one in Blue and the other in Purple. Blue is a colour that symbolizes trust, reliability and loyalty. So the Blue colour stands for our personalized service and the dedicated relationship we share with our customers. Purple symbolizes luxury, grandeur and rarity and our purple colour stands for our product – our stone collection that is rare and luxurious. Thus, the new identity reflects our values and the philosophy behind Stonex.

Our co-founders

Mr. Vikas Agrawal, MD – Stonex India Pvt. Ltd

Vikas, one of the co-founders of Stonex India today, is responsible for expansion and ensures that good practices are replicated all over India. He is also responsible for generating resource & taking care of execution of standard practices and policies, streamlining the process & MIS to ensure that business across India is fully captured. He has an unmatched ability to track numbers and ensuring the business is more predictable, manpower requirement is identified, talent is acquired and objectives are aligned through training and development. His domain also includes helping CMD in creating knowledge base for the product and ensuring that these are best utilized to empower our team. And that only the best is offered to our ever-demanding customers and clients who walk into our experience centers. Providing accurate feedback to the supply chain, so the overseas teams are fully aware of the needs of our Indian customers also falls in his realm. As an individual he is always positive and eager to learn more.

Mr. Saurav Agrawal, MD – Stonex India Pvt. Ltd

Saurav, as MD, is the face of the company and has since beginning ensured only the best of the services and products are offered to the discerning customers. He is very passionate about customers’ needs and requirements and always goes the extra mile to ensure each and every customer is satisfied. His ability to establish relationships with architects, interior decorators and clients has been instrumental in the growth of the business. It was in this direction only that after-sales service was initiated for the first time in the industry along with establishment of experience centers in Delhi and Ahmedabad. His ability to foresee the future led him to explore business in hospitality industry, which was a turning point for Stonex India. He was also awarded with the Young Entrepreneurship Award for North India by Times Group. Apart from business, Saurav takes deep interest in music. He also actively participates in CSR programs for the under-privileged children & providing medical facilities to the needy.

Mr. Gaurav Agrawal, CMD – Stonex India Pvt. Ltd

One of the three founding members, Gaurav has given a strategic direction to the organization with his futuristic approach and is the brain behind many path-breaking innovations in the stone industry. Gaurav has a passion for exploring world’s best stone collections thereby taking care of procurement of marble from best of the quarries. His unwavering knack for quality & beauty has helped us ensure that our designs are a notch above the rest. This has not only helped Stonex in providing world’s best collections to the institutional buyers but also to the discerning retail customers. With keen interest in business and brand strategy, Gaurav uses his acumen to develop brand “Stonex” in India and across the globe. His tireless efforts won him a spot amidst the top 50 emerging leaders in India. Closely involved in creating a synergy between brand values & image, Gaurav is currently developing the Stonex identity and laying the road towards greater growth. He has also established the Stonex Foundation and is known for his philanthropic side.